The Work

Via a toll free call or Skype link, the first session begins an introductory phase to develop an understanding of your life and situation. Because your goals are paramount, success plans are developed on an individual basis to fit your unique personality and circumstance. They are reviewed, revised and renewed until your goals are achieved.


A definition of success is set during our initial session. For example, if depression is targeted, a baseline of how much time depressed feelings are active is estimated, and a reduction percentage is established. The underlying factors stimulating the negative feelings will be explored until an accurate understanding is developed. As we work towards your goals, each intervention is evaluated and modified as necessary. The achievement process typically takes weeks to months.

Objectives I have helped my clients achieve:

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety – Adjusting to Living in a New Country – Transforming Grief and Loss – Achieving Athletic Goals – Developing Healthy Relationships – Overcoming Passivity – Ending Suicidal Impulses – Weight Loss – Overcoming Addiction/Alcoholism – Developing Positive Self Esteem – Dealing with Difficult People –  Achieving Work Performance Goals –  Communicating Effectively – Positive Parenting – Identifying and Overcoming Dysfunctional Behaviors – Managing End of Life Issues – Being Happy

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Dr Ed Slack